Performance Screening- Train smarter, stronger, and avoid injuries

T R A I N  S M A R T E R ,  S T R O N G E R

&  A V O I D  I N J U R Y

Want to improve your exercise performance or train

better for an upcoming event without injury? Have

an old injury that no longer hurts, but never really

feels like it has fully resolved? Studies show that

previous injury is one of the strongest predictors of

future injury.”

This “Tip of the Month” explains how

Performance Screening can help to identify

underlying deficits in strength, mobility, and

movement dysfunctions. These may be holding you

back from your peak performance. Performance

screens are a great way to identify faulty movement

patterns, then correct them so that you can perform

at your best and injury free!

Screens identify athletes that are at risk of injury in

their sport by finding weakness and asymmetry in

the body. You will participate in a variety of

movement tasks. When a task proves difficult, this

task becomes your home exercise program. This

screen applies to all athletes in all sports.

However, if you are training for a specific sport, your

PT will include the specific requirements that the

sport demands.


C A L L  T O D A Y  A T  9 0 7 – 7 4 8 – 0 0 2 2

O R  S T O P  B Y  T O  M A K E  A  3 0 – M I N U T E

P E R F O R M A N C E  S C R E E N  F O R $ 50 . 0 0

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