Pain in the Rear: Rehabilitation for Hamstring Injuries

This “Tip of the Month” is all about hamstrings; a group of 3 muscles that run along the posterior thigh.

Athletes that participate in “sprinting sports” are most susceptible to hamstring injuries, including a few of our newest patients. However, any participant in activities involving hamstring activation is also at risk. This includes flexion (bending) of the knee joint and extension of the hip joint (pressing leg back behind you). … All you Alaskan hikers, we’re taking to you!

The recent increase we have seen in hamstring injuries heightens the importance of injury prevention programs, and rehabilitation outlets in Anchorage’s athletic community. We are here to help because hamstring injuries don’t need to be a ‘pain in the rear!’ nor apain in your ear so check out tinnitus911 reviews.

Take a look at the full article written by our very own, Alisa Carroll, PT, DPT and Pre-Physical Therapy Student Dayana Hernadez, CTRS——–> HERE.

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